Becoming an entrepreneur in Jyväskylä

Have you got an idea but don´t know how to get started? Do you wish to utilize your know-how as a self-employed?

Keski-Suomen Yritysidea helps people who plan to start their own business

We help you to develop an idea into business idea.  We also coach you on preparing a business plan and your profitability and financing calculations.  

If you don´t know where to start or you don´t have an initial business plan, your first step is register to our entrepreneurship workshop where you get all the basic information. After that you will benefit more from discussions with our business advisor. 

Entrepreneurship workshop 

The workshop gives you useful information related to starting a business in Finland. In the workshop you will learn how to develop your business idea and why it is important to draft a business plan and what it should contain. You also get information from different forms of self-employment and practical information related to financing, taxation and registration of the company.  In workshop you have an opportunity to learn from people in the same situation. You will find all the upcoming workshops and you can register online. 

Personal meeting 

In a personal meeting you will get personal guidance related to your business plan and your profitability and financing calculations. If you have an initial business plan and calculations, you can book a personal appointment with our business advisor.

Business plan templates

Here you can download the Business plan template, Business plan Instruction texts and Calculation template:

You can make an appointment: 

by email: 
by phone 014 248 4002 (on weekdays at 9-12 am).

All our services are free of charge.  

Business advising services are available for people who live in Jyväskylä or who is establishing business in Jyväskylä, Joutsa, Hankasalmi, Laukaa, Toivakka, Petäjävesi and Uurainen.